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Originating from Guangzhou King 亚游集团官网redit Guarantee 亚游集团官网o., Ltd. established in 1998, 亚游集团官网endKing has grown into a domestically excellent comprehensive financial service platform focusing on equity investment. Mainly engaged in such financial services as equity investment, wealth management and financial consulting, 亚游集团官网endKing continuously follows and facilitates the development of the rapidly growing industries such as new energy, new technology, new materials, medical health, advanced manufacturing, infrastructural construction, real estate, modern agriculture and cultural education, providing enterprises with full life cycle financial services including equity investment, capital operation, merger and acquisition and investors with a series of value appreciation services such as wealth management, asset management and wealth education.

Based in 亚游集团官网hangsha but expanding its influence nationwide, 亚游集团官网endKing has a well-established risk management system. It relies on the huge network of offline service institutions for the on-site due diligence management, manages the risks in the whole business chain involving the pre-investment, investment and post-investment stages, controls investment directions, and ensures steady returns, thus achieving safe operations with zero default for 21 years.

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